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Britannica Digital Learning: Britannica Image Quest

Image Quest

Your next visual lesson starts with Britannica ImageQuest, the world’s most respected and trusted image libraries curated in one safe site!

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About Britannica ImageQuest

  • Launched just 8 years ago, ImageQuest has evolved and grown to become the most trusted and comprehensive, curated database of images, uniquely designed to meet the growing needs of educators, students, explorers today.
  • ImageQuest’s evolving database boasts over 3.25 million images from 62 leading collections.
  • With ImageQuest, educators can strengthen lesson plans and foster deeper student engagement by incorporating visual thinking.
  • This dynamic database makes the perfect companion for bringing language arts, math, science, and social studies curricula to life.
  • As the premier database for copyright images, ImageQuest is ideal for public libraries, too.    a