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The Koç School Libraries: Library Rules

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We Need to Pay Attention to These Points:

I keep quiet.

I treat the users with respect.

I leave the library clean and organized.

I do not run in the library.

When Borrowing


Borrowing is the process of taking a resource from the library free of charge and taking it outside the library for a certain time.


Returning means bringing the resource borrowed from the library back to it after using it for a certain time.

Which resources may I borrow and for how long?

Story and Research Books 30 days

Magazines 2 days

Reference Books 1 day

How many sources can I borrow at once?

6 resources

3 Turkish

3 English

I return the resources I borrowed on time.

Weekends and holidays will not be counted in borrowing period.

If I have overdue resources, I cannot borrow new ones.

I may start borrowing once I return the overdue resource.

Parents of students who did not return their resources on time are sent an e-mail every Friday.

Example (September 30, 2021)

What do I do if I lose the resource I borrowed or if it is damaged?

If I lose a resource, I will carefully check my house and the classroom library.

If I l damaged it, I will buy the exact same resource.

If the item is not on sale or not printed anymore I can provide another resource instead.

When can I borrow resources?

During short and long breaks

In the library lesson

When can I not borrow resources?

After the break is over

After the lesson is over and we line up

 After the school is over during service bus time

How do I borrow resources?

I select my resource

I go to the library counter

I borrow the resource

I learn when I have to return the resource

I use the resources with care

I return the resources on time

When Using a Computer

I use the computers for home assignments and research

I keep quiet when I am using the computer

I work on an individual basis

I use computer hardware carefully.

I take printouts for home assignments and research purposes only.

I do not disturb other users