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The Koç School Libraries: High School Library Rules

TumbleBook Library Premium Collection

The common purpose of our primary-middle and high school libraries on The Koç School campus is to provide our students access to national and universal resources in the developing technology and information society, help them gain and develop the habit of reading, teach them how to use a library and the skill of using the information they have reached through research-reading-inquisition in a proper way. In line with this purpose, our library, which has a rich collection, provides services to our students and staff with printed Turkish and foreign English-German-French-Spanish) resources, online data bases and electronic books. Our library collection can be accessed through

General Library Rules

·       No food or drinks should be brought to the library.

·     Students should not enter the library with their school bags.

·       Students should remain quiet while studying and only whisper when talking.

·       Cellular phones should be on silent mode and phone calls are made outside the library.

·       Library materials are used meticulously without being damaged.

·       Books taken from the shelves are not put back on the shelves but left at the counter.

·       All readers may freely utilize the library materials organized according to the open shelf system within the library.

·     Materials can be taken outside the library through borrowing procedure.

·       Computers in the library are used for making research and scanning resources.

·       All users are expected to meticulously follow the library rules.


Students, teachers and all staff composing The Koç School are default members of the school libraries.

Borrowing Rights and Conditions

The allowed durations and amounts for borrowing differ according to the type of the materials in our library collection, environment and user needs.







30 Days


Administrative Staff


30 Days




15 Days



·       All users can borrow maximum 3 Audio-Visual materials (CD,DVD,VCD etc.)  for 3 days.

·       The academic staff can borrow materials supporting the education process for long term use.

·       Students are charged a daily 0.50 TL overdue fine per material for the materials they have not returned on time.

·       Users who have overdue materials on them must return the overdue materials to be able to borrow new materials.

·       Users who have over 30 TL of overdue fines are able to borrow a new book after they pay their fines.

·       In order to extend the duration of borrowing, the related book should not be reserved by another user and be overdue.

·       Loan services are stopped 1 month before the academic year ends. It is important that all users return the materials they have borrowed to the library within that period for the library resources to be kept and used in full in the coming years.

·     In case they are leaving the institution, our library users, which are our students, teachers and staff, return the materials they have borrowed and finalize all procedures with the library.

Unloanable Materials

The material types listed below are not loaned and can only be used within the library. Our users can photocopy, scan or take a photo of a chapter or page they need in these materials.

·       Encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases that are qualified as reference books,

·       Materials that students use very frequently such as the course books which are qualified as Reserve Books or materials that many people might need at the same time,

·       The latest issue of the magazines that are qualified as periodicals. 

Lost or Damaged Materials

·       In case a user loses or damages a resource/resources borrowed from the library, the user is requested to provide the same resource. If the resource is not on sale in the market, an equivalent resource is requested.